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Middle States Accreditation Surveys



Middle States Accreditation Surveys

Dear Students, Staff, Advisory Members, and Community Members;

We need your help! Burlington County Institute of Technology Adult Education has begun the rigorous process through the Middle States Association. Middle States Association is a non-profit organization specializing in the accreditation of private and public schools in the United States and abroad.


One may ask what is Middle States Accreditation? Middle States Accreditation is an external process that validates school quality and student achievement, and provides a focus for continuous school improvement. The Middle States Commission delivers one of the highest available forms of accreditation as one of seven United States Department of Education-recognized regional agencies. We are doing this because we are committed to academic excellence for all adult education students and are looking for feedback from the accreditation team to help us improve. Many schools from the elementary through collegiate levels are Middle States accredited.


Accreditation is a process, at first BCIT must undergo a self-study. Now BCIT is ready for YOUR assistance in completing the self-study survey. The study consist of questions in the 12 Middle State standards: Philosophy/Mission; Governance and Leadership; School Improvement Planning; Finances; Facilities; School Climate and Organization; Health and Safety; Educational Program; Assessment and Evidence of Student Learning; Student Services; Student Life and Student Activities; and Information Resources and Technology.


Please click the icon below that best fits you (Post-Secondary Student, Staff, Advisory Members, and Others) and complete the survey.


Thank you for your support!

Students - Click here to obtain survey

Staff/Administrators/Board Members - Click here to obtain survery

Advisory Committee - Click here to obtain survey