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  • New Pathways and Partnerships with RCBC

    Posted by Dr. Nagy at 1/21/2017 8:40:00 AM

    In a series of meetings with the Rowan College at Burlington County executives and key BCIT leaders, planning is taking place for the establishment of new partnerships between BCIT and RCBC for September 2017 inclusive of Entertainment Technology and Instrumental Music and Theatre. These will build upon the successful launch of the first partnership in Advanced Manufacturing and Fabrication in the Fall of 2016.  In addition, based on the success of the Advanced Manufacturing, we will be pursuing for September 2017 the addition of Entertainment Technologies and Culinary Arts and Hospitality to the Early College Head Start initiative, which allows for duel credit and opportunity to earn college credits up to the equivalent of the first year of an Associate’s Degree while in high school. Additional discussions are taking place to cross promote and partner on various BCIT Adult Education Allied Health Programs, which would expand the footprint and reach of opportunities for those in Burlington County and beyond. BCIT values the partnership with RCBC and looks forward to building a better tomorrow together.

    Dr. Nagy

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  • BCIT Westampton 2nd Highest Graduation Rate in Burlington County

    Posted by Dr. Nagy at 1/17/2017 9:00:00 AM

    Burlington County Times Article


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  • Congratulations to our 2016-17 Teachers of the Year!

    Posted by Dr. Nagy at 1/12/2017 4:30:00 PM

    BCIT Teachers of the Year congratulatory letter from Dr. Nagy

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of recognizing the building level Teachers of the Year, Teacher Assistants of the Year, and Educational Services Professionals of the Year for both campuses.  I look forward to this time of the year when colleagues are able to recognize the contributions made by their peers.  I am reminded by Claudia Wallace that “We never forget our best Teachers (TA, ESP)-those who imbued us with a deeper understanding or an enduring passion, the ones we come back to visit years after graduating, the educators who opened doors and altered the course of our lives.”  Please join me in congratulating our award winners listed on the attachment.  It is an honor and privilege to present them to you.

    Medford Campus:
    Teacher of the Year: Mr. Terence Ward
    Teacher Assistant of the Year: Ms. Ellen Dragish
    Educational Services Professional of the Year: Lori Ilconich

    Westampton Campus:
    Teacher of the Year: Joseph Rivera
    Teacher Assistant of the Year: Lydia Lopez
    Educational Services Professional of the Year: Kyle Lawrence

    Medford TOY           Westampton TOY


    Medford TA of the year          Westampton TA of the year


    Medford ESP of the Year         Westampton ESP of the Year



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  • 2016-2017 Teachers of the Year!

    Posted by Dr. Nagy at 1/12/2017 4:30:00 PM
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  • Happy Holidays

    Posted by Dr. Nagy at 12/19/2016 10:45:00 AM

    We have had a very productive first half of the the school year.  As we approach the end of the calendar year and the half way point of our academic school year, this is a great time to look at rebalancing our personal and professional goals, and for students, the ability to make extra efforts to do a little more or better before the end of the semester later in January 2017. As we look back and give gratitude for our blessings and opportunities, we also look toward the future and plan for a better tomorrow.  I found the tool below by Joyce Oddison to be helpful to rebalance our respective interpersonal wellness systems while assisting with new goal setting for the New Year.

    On behalf of the Board of Education, administration and staff, I wish our staff, students and community members a Happy Holiday Season and New Year full of opportunities, flourishing and engagement.


    Interpersonal Wellness System Model

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  • Informal Classroom Visits – A Salute to Innovative Teaching

    Posted by Dr. Nagy at 12/1/2016 4:15:00 PM

    Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of visiting a few classrooms at BCIT West.  I wanted to see first hand the good work that is taking place in our classrooms and to be a student at heart to learn of the approaches staff are taking to reach our students. I also desired to witness the technology that is being used to support learning and leading in the classrooms.  I want to thank our Sports Medicine instructor, Gina Valenti whose lesson with the use of interactive ipads was amazing.  I wanted to sign up for the class right away.  Then I was introduced to Alexander Mazella’s Google Classroom which was complemented by the use of the Socrative computer program.  If only I had this as a high school student!  Impressive.  In his class, I loved to see how students were learning how to think, extrapolate, predict and apply data to solving a problem. The third leg of my visit to classrooms ended with Maureen D’Antonio whose lesson focused on Title IX issues where students used Google Classroom to view a short film, review a project rubric, complete an organizer, prepare an outline and last write a paper to support respective arguments and submit their papers for grading.  I learned that the final rubric is linked to Genesis.  Cool!

    It is my intention to make weekly visits to classrooms at both campuses to witness great teaching and learning taking place. The visits will provide an opportunity to appreciate all that our staff are doing to prepare our students to enter a competitive arena after high school.  As I visit classrooms, I want to be a sponge and learn from our staff and students.  We are in a dynamic learning environment.  Understanding what staff teach allows me to promote what they do, and as a result, create new opportunities and applications to support their art form of teaching.  I can’t wait to visit the Medford classrooms next week.

    Dr. Nagy

    Superintedent of Schools

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  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Posted by Dr. Nagy at 11/18/2016 1:25:00 PM

    A Note of Gratitude – Happy Thanksgiving

    As the national holiday approaches, we anticipate the time to be with our families and friends to give thanks for all of the blessings we have in our Districts, respective lives, the students in our districts, our families and careers.  It is also a time to remember the positive memories of those who we have lost over the past year.  We give thanks to our men and women who serve in our armed services and protect the freedoms we enjoy today. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  • New Board Members Sworn in -November BOE Meeting

    Posted by Dr. Nagy at 11/18/2016 1:20:00 PM

    New Board Members Sworn in at BOE Meeting

    BA Theresa Margiotta swears in new BoE members  

    During the Board of Education Meeting last evening, three individuals were sworn in as Board members for the Burlington County Institute of Technology and Burlington County Special Services School District for a three-year term that expires in 2019 excluding the County Executive Superintendent. Kathleen Burgess was reappointed and Tyler Seville will serve his first term. The County Executive Superintendent Daryl Minus-Vincent in his role will serve on the Board until he no longer serves in his role. We congratulate our newest Board members and thank our joint Board for their tireless service on behalf of our students and staff.

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  • Trego Ed Award

    Posted by Dr. Nagy at 11/18/2016 1:00:00 PM

    Recipients of the TregoEd Award

    BCIT/BCSSSD Administrators Receive Prestigious TregoEd Award

     A cadre of BCIT/BCSSSD leaders this month were notified that the District and trained Leadership Team in TregoEd processes are recipients of the prestigious 2016 Benjamin B. Tregoe Award for Strategic Leadership in Education for organizational excellence in collaborative decision making based on outstanding and creative solutions to complex challenges addressed in both districts over the past year. Press release link.  Those recognized by the President of the Board, Robert Silcox were Superintendent Dr. Christopher Nagy, Assistant Superintendent Todd Bonsall, BCIT Principal Michael Parker, ESU Director Bobbie Downs, BCIT STEM supervisor Danielle Hartman, BCS Director of Autism Program and BCIT Medford assistant principal Heidi Bouchard.  Dr. Nagy presented the district award to Mr. Silcox who received it on behalf of the Board and recognized the administrators as a valuable member of the award-winning Strategic leadership Team.


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  • Military Appreciation Month

    Posted by Dr. Christopher Nagy at 11/13/2016 5:00:00 PM

    A Salute to Our Military and 2016 Business Partner of the Year

    On behalf of the Board of Education and the administration, I want to to extend to members of our Board, parents, staff and community a note of appreciation for the military service those among you provide our country to protect the freedoms we enjoy today.   We are grateful and salute all of our Veterans and those currently serving in the armed forces.  Happy Veterans Day and Military Appreciation Day.

    In addition to our military, I would like to recognize our 2016 Business Partner of the Year, Rowan College at Burlington County.  RCBC will be recognized at our Fall Advisory Dinner this Thursday for ongoing efforts to establish partnerships with BCIT to provide various educational opportunities for high school students inclusive of the College Head Start Program where students can earn college credits while in high school.  We recently launched our Advanced Manufacturing facility in a partnership with RCBC.  Adult classes are scheduled to begin within the next month or two.  Discussions are taking place to expand these opportunities to other career fields, which will offer some exciting possibilities for our students to earn college credits and earn an industry credential for a fraction of other colleges.  I am very pleased with our partnership with RCBC and I know, that working together, our future together and our tomorrow will only become brighter.  Thank you and Congratulations to RCBC.

    Dr. Christopher Nagy, Superintendent of Schools

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