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BCIT Employee Health Benefits Information

Making Changes To Existing Coverage
It is each employee's responsibility to complete and submit the proper paperwork to Personnel if there is a life event that would affect benefit coverage.  A life event would be defined as, "loss or start of an existing coverage due to marriage, death, divorce, birth, adoption".  Changes made outside of the annual enrollment period must be done within 30 days of a life event.    Due to a life event, employees may add and remove dependents from exiting coverage, elect coverage (if eligible), or waive coverage (if eligible).  Changes between plan designs can only be made during an annual Open Enrollment period.


2016-2017 Medical and Rx Plans

Full-time BCIT Employees will be covered by Horizon BCBS of NJ thru January 31, 2017.  
Coverage will provided by AmeriHealth Administrators effective February 1, 2017.

 AmeriHealth Administrators:  Effective 2/1/2017
Please note that AmeriHealth Administrators and AmeriHealth NJ are treated as two different companies.  Some providers may accept AmeriHealth NJ but not AmeriHealth Administrators.  Provider eligibility can be checked on the AmeriHealth Administrators website. 
All AmeriHealth Administrator Plans are PPO.  No Primary Care Physician Needed.  No Referrals Needed.
AHA Phone Number: 1-800-678-7427

AHA General Website:

AHA Member Online Services:  AHA Member Services Link

 AHA Member Services Email:

Prescriptions are managed through Express Scripts:  Effective 2/1/2017

 Express Scripts 

Please see your medical plan description for Rx prices.

AmeriHealth Adminstrators Forms and Flyers

Summaries of Benefits and Coverage: What each plan covers and what it costs
For questions regarding your AmeriHealth Administrator benefits, please email
You may also contact Rob Henry from Innovative Risk Solutions (609) 927-7475,
should you have additional questions regarding AmeriHealth Administrators coverage. 

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey: Effective 9/1/2015 thru 1/31/2017

1-800-355-BLUE (2583)

Member Services Address: P.O. Box 820, Newark, NJ 07101

General Website:

Member Online Services:  http://www.HorizonBlue/Members

Horizon Forms and Flyers:

For questions regarding your Horizon benefits, please email
You may also contact Bernadette Twist from EJA/Capacity, LLC (609) 291-9950,
should you have additional questions regarding Horizon coverage. 
PPO/Direct Access Plans
Horizon RX PLANS
Employees are required to contribute whichever is higher;
1.5% of base salary or the state mandated  percentage toward coverage costs. 
The benefit premiums used for calculations will include medical, Rx, dental, and vision effective January 2016.
Effective January 2016, dental and vision premiums will be factored into the BCIT employee health benefits contribution, as mandated by Chapter 78.  Employees that waive medical/Rx may still elect dental and/or vision coverage, provided the appropriate Chapter 78 employee contributions are made via payroll deduction.

How to calculate health benefit contributions. 

Below are side by side comparisons of the 2016-2017 Medical/Rx Monthly Premiums.

Reimbursements will continue to be 25% of the school's saving on medical and Rx (capped at $5,000.00) per school year.
Reimbursement checks will be issued to eligible employees in December and June.
Employees are eligible for reimbursement even if they are covered by a NJ state sponsored plan or a current BCIT health benefits plan.
Waiver forms must be filled out completely, and returned to Personnel with proof of current medical/Rx coverage.

Dental Coverage
Dental coverage for BCIT employees is administered through Delta Dental of NJ.
Dental coverage is subject to Chapter 78 employee contributions.  Below are the 2016-2017 Annual Premiums.
Delta Dental Contact Info
Customer Service 1-800-452-9310
Delta Dental Plan Summaries
Dental Forms

Vision Information
Full Time BCIT employees are entitled to Vision Insurance through Vision Service Plan (VSP).  Please note that vision coverage is for the BCIT employee only (not the employee’s dependents). 
Vision coverage subject to Chapter 78 employee contributions.  Below is the 2016-2017 Annual Premium Amount.

Dependents are only entitled to the vision coverage available as defined by the Medical coverage.

Information regarding Vision Service Plan (VSP) is available at:


  1095-C Tax Documents

As part of a new initiative, the Internal Revenue Service now requires employers with more than 50 employees to provide 1095-C forms to each full-time employee. 

These tax forms will be used to verify health benefit coverage for the employee and eligible dependents in the prior calendar year.

The Personnel Office will mail these 1095-C documents to each employee’s home address.  Please review the form upon receipt.

If the dependent information listed on the form needs to be updated, please send an email with the corrected information to

You may visit the link below to learn more about these new IRS documents and the Affordable Care Act.