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Our work in Career and Technical Education (CTE) matters. CTE prepares students for in-demand careers and/or higher education. Students who participate in CTE experience higher graduations rates. CTE promotes lifelong learning and increases earning potential and life prospects for individuals and families. It is our Mission to prepare adolescent and adult students to enter the workforce and/or continue their education. We take this Mission seriously.
To that end, BCIT engages is a strategic annual process of establishing, initiating, implementing, executing, monitoring and evaluating goals and initiatives. During the 2014-15 school year, the administration engaged in a process of data collection, which included staff and parent focus groups, and extensive data collection and analysis.  
We have accomplished much in the past year, including a refined supervisory structure to support curricular initiatives, the creation of career academies and Advanced Placement courses, building high-tech lounges for our students, improvement of our marketing, recruiting and admissions processes, increasing adult education enrollment, and launching career and technical education summer camps for all County middle school students. We nurtured and grew valuable relationships with parents, community members, and the business community. By entering into an aggressive shared services agreement with County partners, we increased efficiency and the scope of our resources. We re-established Program Advisory Councils and established a broad-based Safety and Security Task Force. 
After much reflection and evaluation of progress, we have established goals for 2015-16 in two broad areas:
  1. Curriculum, instruction, and assessment.  
  2. Literacy Development via the BCIT Reads Initiative. 
The following is a link to our 2016-17 District Goals.